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Chaos Doctrine

Photos By Wayde Flowerday Photography

26 April | Chaos Doctrine Unleashes Third Album 'Bellum' … Expect Mayhem!

Johannesburg-based industrialised thrash metal machine Chaos Doctrine’s long awaited third album has been set for release on Friday 26 April 2024, with the official launch show on the 27th of April. The album is called ‘Bellum’ and follows on their self-titled debut (2018), the EP ‘The Chaos Chronicles Volume I’ (2019), and their blistering sophomore ‘and in the Beginning…. They Lied’ (2021).  


‘Bellum’ promises to leave a scorched earth in its wake, with 9 tracks delivering everything we have come to expect from Chaos Doctrine – and a whole lot more. ‘Bellum’ means ‘war’, and war is indeed what you get. What this album brings you is a sonic journey where Chaos Doctrine has unapologetically experimented to expand their repertoire exponentially, without either compromising their distinct sound or forgetting to deliver on what they do best. 


Chaos Doctrine has always been vocal about their philosophy that every album they produce must be better than the previous one. This applies not only to the songs, but also the technical production. ‘Bellum’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by guitarist Alec Surridge in the band’s own Gemini AD Studios, and sees a vast progression in production quality from its predecessor. Alec explains: 


This album has been a learning curve for us from both a creative and a technical production perspective. With all of us being utmost perfectionists, I wanted to make sure that we deliver a high-quality album, one that is polished enough to bring life to each of the individual songs, without losing the rawness that is fundamental to our music. ‘Bellum’ represents virtually countless hours of recording, listening, tweaking, re-recording, and re-tweaking every second of every track to do just that. There is no template when it comes to Chaos Doctrine – every song is unique, and so the production of every song has to be unique too. This always pushes back our release dates, but we refuse to compromise on our sound! 


We first received a taste of ‘Bellum’ in 2022 when the band released the thrasher ‘Lifting the Veil’, reminding us of their ability to deliver very heavy thrash metal underpinned by gritty industrial that melts your face. Lifting the Veil kicks off the album, representing a radical departure from the preceding two albums’ extended industrial intros. Vocalist Dr D explains: 


‘Bellum’ brings a mix of the best that our fans expect of us, and the best of us challenging the creative confines of our style and collective musicianship. Lifting the Veil sets the tone for this: by pushing the album directly into a shredder featuring some of Alec (Surridge)’s best guitar solo work to date, you know immediately that we mean to crush skulls with this album. There is no room for warming up, and no reprieve!


Next up is a constantly shifting epic known as ‘Trial’. The band promised to challenge their boundaries and this track is Exhibit A in a rapidly growing pack of evidence. Every piece of this monster introduces elements that the band have never done before, each stamped hard with the Chaos Doctrine seal. A brief gutteral solo vocal drops you into a spiral of seemingly off-tempo skin-ripping riffs before descending into a Dante-esque and discomforting journey of symphonies and choirs, constantly offset by bone crushing death metal. 


 ‘Building the Ultimate Tank’ gives us the first trademark Chaos Doctrine creepy intro on the album: a short-lived descent before all hell breaks loose with staccato thrash metal galore. Before you know it, a grim dystopic picture is being painted by a hypnotic bass riff, relentless industrial clangs and podium-like vocals that dig dirty fingers deep into your brain. 


You try to catch a breath but no such luck. ‘One of My Bad Days’ gives you thrashing beats from drummer extraordinaire Jason Eedes, introducing tales of mass murder devoid of guilt and apology. This track was released as the third single from the album in July 2023 and was heralded by Metal Hammer as one of two Best New Metal Songs of the Week and 100 Best New Metal Songs of the Year. ‘One of My Bad Days’ is what one would call an instant Chaos Doctrine classic: merciless thrash/death metal with notable hints of their signature industrial, polished off by a vocal performance that doesn’t yield until the very end and a masterfully executed guitar solo.


Four tracks in, you may have had a moment to wonder about the album artwork. Like all its predecessors, ‘Bellum’ brings us a visual assault that matches the barrage inflicted on our ears. The album cover comes from the mind and pen of bass guitarist, backing vocalist and band visual artist Phil Carstens, who explains:


Centred is a biomechanical Lord Shiva, amid his 'Rudra Tandava’ cosmic dance of creation and destruction. The background tells a story of violent degradation and decay. Framing it all is a timeline, reflecting forgotten and exploited history that have made its way into the band’s lyrical content since our beginning. The lyrics to ‘The Destroyer’ tell the whole story!


Why are we looking at album artwork when we should be discussing track 5? In Phil’s words lie the answer! ‘The Destroyer’ hits next, telling the story of nuclear destruction interpreted as Lord Shiva’s wrath. The track is another that takes the band to new frontiers, delivering a mid-tempo melodious offensive that encapsulate an unnerving bow-played sitar and consummate Chaos Doctrine grooves. 


The orchestral introduction of late 2022’s single ‘Martyr’ brings a brief respite to the listener. Two versions of this song hit the airwaves before, known as the ‘Clement V’ mix, and the ‘Jeanne D’Arc Mix’ (which featured the vocal prowess of Capgras Delusion’s Laura Cayzer). Both versions enjoyed much critical acclaim, including the same Metal Hammer honours outlined earlier for ‘One of My Bad Days’. ‘Bellum’ brings us a remastered version of the ‘Clement V’ mix, which introduced for the first time Chaos Doctrine’s ability to deliver a doomy number complete with clean singing and intricate symphonic arrangements. The Jeanne D’Arc Mix, in turn, will make its appearance on the band’s next EP, tentatively set for release early in 2025. 


As the acoustic outro of Martyr gently fades, the ultra-aggressive, ultra-fast ‘Heretic’ feels like being hit by a bullet – or a bullet train. Shredding guitars, blast beats and old-school death metal vocals are immediate. The shelling is briefly interjected by a superb interlude of perfectly mashed groove and melody before the lecture in Egyptology is completed through another barrage of heavy artillery. Drummer Jason describes the track:


Heretic is a brutal lesson in the next level of heaviness that Chaos Doctrine is capable of. It is undoubtedly the heaviest and fastest track we have done to date, and pushed us all to our physical limits in its delivery. This is why we decided that it would be the fourth single from ‘Bellum’: it is a crazed testament to what we do, who we are, and what we can do!   


Eighty miles out, six feet deep. This is ‘86’. Another track to be led by the band’s gritty industrial groove experiments, it puts the pulsating boom of a dark techno track in the front, driven by uncompromising riffs and grinding death metal vocals. Short, thrashy, and catchy, ‘86’ happens like a baseball bat to the back of the head.


The album comes to an end that feels premature, yet deserving, in ‘CiviLIESation’. Like ‘Trial’, this track is an epic journey through diverse soundscapes. After an industrious orchestral introduction offset by grinding riffs, the vocals return to the podium, picking up where ‘Building the Ultimate Tank’ left off to paint grim views of contemporary society. A barrage of symphonics is interrupted by scathing barking death metal interludes before the track’s climactic end serves as a fitting conclusion to the album.  


‘Bellum’ gives us Chaos Doctrine at their finest: boundary-pushing industrial-infused extreme metal. It represents a new level of maturity for the band from every conceivable angle: song writing, musicianship, creativity, freshness, delivery, production. As with its predecessor, it also delivers a track for everyone: regardless of your preferred genre of metal, there is something on here for you. Make sure it reaches your ears…. And the ears of everyone you know. 


Find ‘Bellum’ on all major digital platforms on 26 April 2024 or get in touch with the band for a physical copy, and look out for the supporting merchandise campaign with FreakFlag,com. Spread the Doctrine, today!

Chaos Doctrine - Bellum

Stream 'Bellum'

19 April | Chaos Doctrine Heaviest Single Yet ‘Heretic’

By now you really should know that Johannesburg’s industrialised metal veterans Chaos Doctrine is dropping their 3rd album 'Bellum' on Friday 26 April 2024, supported by the official launch show on the 27th of April and a whole new merch campaign. You may also have heard that the band is introducing a new single called ‘Heretic’, and that it is, by all accounts, heavy as all hell.  


‘Heretic’ is the fourth single from 'Bellum', following from the industrial thrasher ‘Lifting the Veil’ (May 2022), the doomy and orchestral ‘Martyr’ (late 2023), and the face smashing groove machine ‘One of My Bad Days’ (July 2023). 


‘When Lifting the Veil’ was released, the band hailed it as their fastest track yet. That was true, until now! Drummer Jason Eedes: “Heretic is a brutal lesson in the next level of heaviness that Chaos Doctrine is capable of. It is undoubtedly the heaviest and fastest track we have done to date. This is why we decided that it would be the fourth single from Bellum: it is a crazed testament to what we do, who we are, and what we can do!”


Band guitarist and producer Alec Surridge adds: “When we wrote Heretic, we set out to bring a different level of aggression but balancing it with well thought-through song writing, classic groove, and the distinct signature Chaos Doctrine sound”. The song embodies repeated unexpected progressions, taking you to breaking point with speed and aggression before a symphonic industrial break down of epic proportions that continues to change before you once again find yourself in the throes of insane death metal. 


But, you have to hear it to get it!


With a title like ‘Heretic’ being delivered by a band with a name like Chaos Doctrine, one would expect nothing short of a full-frontal assault on all things religious. But, one would be wrong. This track turns out to be a lecture in ancient history, or, more specifically, Egyptology. Vocalist and lyricist Dr D explains: “It is no secret that we love history and myth. What better way to combine all of these than to use an ancient alien’s lens and explore the deliberately suppressed history of the most hated Pharaoh, Akhenaten?”. Bass guitarist and band visual artist co-conspires: “Weaving together tales of the Annunaki with the Heretic Pharaoh’s abolishment of polytheism in favour of his sun disc gave us a great theme for the track’s art to really reflect the lyrics and intent of the track”.


'Heretic' feels like being hit by a bullet – or a bullet train. Shredding guitars, blast beats and old-school death metal vocals are immediate. The shelling is briefly interjected by a superb interlude of perfectly mashed groove and melody before the lecture in Egyptology is completed through another barrage of heavy artillery. A brief listen should affirm this for you. But it will take more than one listen to fully appreciate the artistry of this portrait of a deliberately forgotten Heretic.

Heretic WOM Premiere
Chaos Doctrine - Heretic

Stream 'Heretic'

12 April | Chaos Doctrine Unleashes Huge Black Sabbath Projects

April is here – release month for not only Bellum, but also ‘Heretic’. If you have been living under a rock, the former is the third studio album of Johannesburg’s veteran industrial thrashers Chaos Doctrine (landing April 26), while the latter is their new single (landing April 19). 


But that is not all! In February they hit us with a Pink Floyd project while sweetening the deal with promises of Black Sabbath… and now it is here.


Black Sabbath x 9.5 x 3 = 666?


The Sabbath Doctrine is what they are calling it, and it is huge. Specifically, it comprises three distinct versions of a 9 (and a half)-track Black Sabbath Medley. 


Yes. You read right. 

Three versions. 

Of a 9-track medley.

Of Black Sabbath tracks. 


A lot to process here. 

Let’s break it down.


1. Black Sabbath - “This project has been a long time in the making: it started while we wrote on And in the Beginning…. They Lied and continued through the Bellum sessions. Why so long? Because when you do a homage to the first and greatest metal band ever, you make sure you do it properly!” (Alec Surridge, band guitarist and production engineer).


2. Medley -“It is no secret that we love doing covers, but it is always difficult to choose one because of the diverse interests of the individual band members. We finally agreed on Black Sabbath… 


… but, how do you choose just one Black Sabbath song to cover?”. (Bass guitarist and band visual artist Phil Carstens).


“We found it impossible. So, long story short: we chose a few parts of 9 of our favourites and created a brutal medley!” (Drummer Jason Eedes)


3. Nine-and-a-half Tracks ...


i. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 

ii. Sweet Leaf 

iii. Iron Man

iv. Symptom of the Universe

v. Paranoid

vi. War Pigs

vii. Heaven and Hell

viii. N.I.B.

ix. Black Sabbath

x. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath


(if you have been paying attention, the “half” is because #1 and #10 are the same song!)


4. Three versions - “we couldn’t decide if we wanted to keep the tracks close to the original, or give it the full Chaos Doctrine treatment. So in the end, we did both! Then we thought – what if we get some of our friends from the SA Alternative Community to lay down vocals with me?” (vocalist Dr D).


From this, the band aptly named the three versions:


i. The Sabbath Doctrine Chapter 1: Old School Mix

ii. The Sabbath Doctrine Chapter 2: Chaos Mix

iii. The SA-bbath Doctrine Chapter 3: SA Tribute Mix 


Chapters 1 and 2 of the Sabbath Doctrine lands on 12 of April, while Version 3 is still very much in progress – more news on this soon! Check out Chaos Doctrine’s official YouTube page and Bandcamp page and remember to look out for ‘Heretic’ and Bellum later this month!

29 March | Chaos Doctrine Re-Launches 'One of My Bad Days' With Official Video

As the countdown to the release of Chaos Doctrine’s highly anticipated third studio album ‘Bellum’ continues (set for release Friday 26 April), the band treats fans to a rekindled experience of their July 2023 single ‘One of My Bad Days’ now accompanied by an official music video.


Renowned for their unyielding fusion of industrialized thrash metal, Chaos Doctrine has been steadily building momentum with their album pre-release campaign. Following the reintroduction of tracks like ‘Lifting the Veil’ and ‘Martyr’, along with a captivating Pink Floyd cover medley, the band has now reignited interest in ‘One of My Bad Days’ with an intense visual representation.


Originally lauded by Metal Hammer as both one of the "10 Best New Metal Songs for the Week" and one of the "100 Best New Metal Songs for the Year in 2023", ‘One of My Bad Days’ presents a chilling narrative of a mass murderer recounting his dark deeds without remorse. Now, fans can immerse themselves in this tale through an industrious blend of authentic band footage and storytelling, expertly captured by filmmaker Pierre Smith, known for his work on Chaos Doctrine’s previous track, ‘Father Grigori’.


“We wanted to be more industrious in our video this time: combining authentic band footage with a bit of storytelling,” says vocalist Dr. D. ‘We wanted to do this video a long time ago already, but Pierre was working in Europe, and we were focusing on completing ‘Bellum’’ adds guitarist and band producer Alec Surridge. ‘It was amazing to have Pierre back in Gemini AD Studios. He has the ability to shoot our vision exactly and did an amazing job bringing the psychopathic aggression of this track to the screen.’


Drummer Jason Eedes recalls the first time he heard the song: “I had just joined the band and the guys said they wanted to start rehearsing this track for our live set. I was immediately attracted to the ferocious pounding of the drums, ranging from groovy beats to outright blasts, driving the catchy riffs and the spitting vocals. Definitely one of my favourites to play live!”


Alec Surridge, band guitarist, and engineer affirms: “When I wrote this track, I wanted something that reflects my deep love for Swedish death metal but clearly says THIS IS CHAOS DOCTRINE. We took a much lighter industrial touch this time to leave the spotlight on heavy guitar riffs and maintain that old school feel – and when Dr. D laid down a vocal that I can only describe as Sepultura-meets-Testament, I knew we hit that magic spot!”


Bass guitarist and band visual artist Phil Carstens agrees, stating ‘This track is definitely much more classic old school thrash: relentless riffs, grooving drums, and lyrics about a mass murderer that freely admits to everyone he killed but refuses to accept any guilt!”


‘One of My Bad Days’ also brings the band’s second collaboration with a South African visual artist for the track imagery (the first being ‘Martyr’’s track image done by Lisa Botes of Art Defrosted). This time, the band worked with local Surrealist Artist Ras Steyn, who is making a name for himself producing outstanding artworks that harken back to masters like Dali. Vocalist Dr. D explains: ‘I came across Ras’s portfolio on Facebook, and I absolutely love his stuff. We started talking about a collab and when the band agreed that One of My Bad Days would be our next single, I knew his work would be perfect to reflect the overall song pathos and intent. He did NOT disappoint – it is great!’.


The artist himself, Ras Steyn, adds: “When Chaos Doctrine asked me to create the art for their new single, I listened to the track a few times and knew that I had full license to amplify my already dark Surrealist style. It's a deeply distressing song so I had to respond with an equally unnerving and confrontational cover. It was a beautifully dark experience and one hell of a ride! And I'm ready for more of their stuff!”


The video for ‘One of My Bad Days’ can be seen below, or found on Chaos Doctrine’s official YouTube page

23 February | Chaos Doctrine Gives Homage To Pink Floyd


It is clear that Chaos Doctrine’s influences range far beyond the traditional metal boundaries. Moreover, if you have followed the band for a while, you will know that both vocalist Dr D and guitarist Alec are huge Pink Floyd fans. Catch a video of Dr D talking about The Wall in a 2023 collaboration with the Metal Crypt (see video below).

“The brief for this passion project was to stay as close to the original as possible with just a hint of the Chaos Doctrine treatment”, says Dr D. “So, do not expect any industrial infused thrash metal for this one. I wanted to really lay into the clean vocal this time!”. Alec adds: “a lot of thought went into this: we wanted to create a brief but lasting tribute to one of the most enduringly influential bands in our lives, without getting into the impossible progressive wizardry that is Pink Floyd”. 


The result: three tracks were handpicked from The Wall and fused together to create a Chaos Homage to one of the biggest bands to ever grace the face of the planet:

1) In the Flesh

2) Another Brick in the Wall Pt III

3) Goodbye Cruel World

9 February | Chaos Doctrine Re-Launches 'Martyr'


We are in Month 2 of the journey to the release of Chaos Doctrine’s 3rd Studio album, 'Bellum'. Along the way, the band is reminding old fans and introducing new ones to the singles already released from the forthcoming album. We told you all about ‘Lifting the Veil’ last month, and now, we are sharing the original release notes for ‘Martyr’, a track that received the Metal Hammer honours of both '10 Best New Metal Songs' for the Week and '100 Best New Metal Song's for the Year in 2022. It is highly recommended that these two tracks are spun sequentially to give fans old and new alike a sense of the scope of the tracks that Chaos Doctrine produces! 


Look out for the band’s announcement on their ambitious cover projects coming your way soon, not to mention the official video for 'One of My Bad Days' in March. Until then, find 'Martyr' (Clement V Mix) on YouTube or Bandcamp! 


(If you are a real Chaos Doctrine Disciple, you will be glad to know that a remastered version of the Jeanne D’ Arc Mix of 'Martyr', featuring Laura Cayzer of Capgras Delusion, will feature on the band’s forthcoming EP ‘The Chaos Chronicles Vol II’, set for release early 2025!).


Chaos Doctrine releases two versions of new single 'Martyr'. Chaos Doctrine is back with a new single from their forthcoming third album. More accurately, Chaos Doctrine is back with TWO versions of the same single called 'Martyr'. But, this time, the Industrialised Thrash Metal Machine is delivering something very, very new – in two different ways!  


The last time we heard from the Johannesburg-based 4-piece was Friday the 13th of May 2022, when they dropped the enormous 200 bpm 'Lifting the Veil'. However, Martyr is nothing like anything we have ever heard from the band before. 


To begin with, 'Martyr' substitutes thrash with melody, speed with multiple orchestral arrangements, and driving riffs with complex guitar pieces, rounded off with haunting acoustic guitar sections. Band guitarist and production engineer Alec tells us a bit about where the song comes from: "When i wrote this song, it was so different that I wasn't sure if it would fit our sound. But, (vocalist) Dr D loved it - and we realised Martyr was just another way of pushing the boundaries of what Chaos Doctrine does, obviously without compromising our unique approach and metal foundation.  


Writing 'Martyr' let me explore facets of my guitar playing that I haven't done in years - melodious riffs, a solo that is more old school rock than thrash metal, and the acoustic pieces that are reminiscent of late 70s Sabbath, or even the Randy Rhoads Ozzy albums. But, I still wanted pieces that are heavy, ensuring that the emotive elements of the track are very dynamic. 


I also wanted to compliment my guitars with strings to add to the overall complexity and dynamism of the song. This ended up being quite the adventure! Sure, we have done loads of keys in our tracks since the beginning, but never to this scale. Bigger ensembles is something we will definitely explore more in future tracks!".


'Martyr' also gives us something else we have never heard in an original Chaos Doctrine composition: wait for it - clean singing. Yes. Clean singing. Dr D had this to say: "the first time I heard this track, I must have listened to it 3 or 4 times. I was blown away. It was so different to anything Alec had written before, I knew the vocals had to be very different too. It had to convey the same feeling that the music does”. 


He continues: "Martyr' tells the tale of a missionary or prophet of sorts that ends up being burned at the stake by the very people that was the focus of all salvation efforts – finally landing said holy (wo)man in hell. I wanted my vocals to create something eerie, like Paradise Lost meets Ozzy meets Pink Floyd, to convey the frustration of the lyrics. I then infusing my more signature sound in between to bring the absolute rage underpinning the narrator’s story. We think it worked!".


To compliment Dr D's clean singing, 'Martyr' also brings us another first – angelic female vocals. We know by now that Chaos Doctrine is very fond of collaborations, and it is this fondness that delivers the alternate version of Martyr - called the "Jeanne D'Arc mix" (the "original" version goes by the title "Clement V Mix”).


Said angelic female choir is delivered by Laura Cayser, better known and Capgras Delusion's frontwoman Blanque. Why Laura? Dr D: "The first time I saw Capgras Delusion, I was blown away by Laura’s voice. Shortly after, Alec wrote 'Martyr' and I knew her voice would be perfect for all the pathos and rage the track needs!". 


Laura had this to say about working with the band: “I really enjoy this track, it's very haunting. The lyrics are poetic and give the sense of desperation to save people and instead being turned upon. It resonates with me personally and I'm glad I was able to be a part of this journey!”.


Finally, artwork. While Chaos Doctrine is no stranger to symbology, Martyr delivers another first here. "Usually i produce the digital art for our tracks, but for Martyr, we wanted something special", explains bassist and visual artist Phil. "We landed on the idea of a 16th century etching, in the style of artists like Dürer, portraying the martyr as a jester. We thought Lisa Botes from Art Defrosted would be perfect for this commission, and we were absolutely right!". Artist Lisa Botes adds: “When I was approached by Chaos Doctrine to create a visual interpretation of the theme behind their new track, I jumped at the opportunity. The ideas that I was presented leapt out of the page, showing the martyr on his knees, a joke to all, giving his all and still willing to take and give more. The idea was to create a piece of art which looked like an aged etching or print. This piece was drawn in pen, with various techniques used for shading and creating focal points - showing the crowd to be perceived in the dark and the martyr in his own perceived light”.

26 January | Chaos Doctrine Re-Launches 'Lifting The Veil'


Chaos Doctrine announced their new album 'Bellum' will be released on 27 April 2024. The road there is paved with re-releases of the first three singles from this album. But why?


Vocalist Dr D explains: “Our fanbase has grown so much since we started releasing singles from 'Bellum' back in 2022. For example, who remembers that at the time of releasing ‘Lifting the Veil’, our drummer Jason had just joined the band? We wanted to share with our newer fans and remind our older fans of some of the excitement we had with every single release, pique their interest, and really enjoy the build-up to the new album!” 


So, below, the original release notes for ‘Lifting the Veil’, from Friday 13 May 2022, when it was a brand new single. Find the official visualizer on YouTube, or download it from Bandcamp, and blast the track hard! Look out for the re-release of Martyr and the first of two cover projects coming your way in February!


'Lifting the Veil'. A new single? YES. A new single. Brand new. Not a song from their 2021 album “And in the Beginning ... They Lied”. NEW.


Band guitarist, engineer and producer Alec explains: “While our last album is still very new, and we may still release an official single or two from there, we wanted to put something brand new out to give our fans a feel for what we have been up to for the last six months or so. We had great fun with our last two covers [Beds are Burning and, before that, Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence], but they are not at all indicative of where we are going creatively – and this single will show you just what I mean with that!”.


So what does Alec mean with this? While the band’s last two covers were unique interpretations of songs not from metal stable, you should be reminded that Chaos Doctrine has quite recently given us shredders like Father Grigori and Black Friday Bedlam (featuring Swedish Metal giant Jörgen Sandström). The new single is said to pick up from here – it is called ‘Lifting the Veil’, a 200bpm thrasher promising to not only remind us that Chaos Doctrine is first and foremost about metal, but also to show us a more progressed, even heavier side of the band. The track brings the signature dark industrial edge blended with serious guitar riffs we have come to expect, together with a vocal barrage that will smash you in the face like a hammer. 


Phil gives us some background: “Dr D and I penned the riffs and basic song structure for this track at the very end of 2021. I wanted to do something that is heavy and fast as hell, reminiscent of the death metal bands I grew up with. Alec brought his usual riff insanity to that and by the time D was done with the industrial elements and vocals, we knew that even though it is the last track we wrote for the new album, we wanted it to be the first single”. 

Chaos Doctrine

Daniel Burger 'Dr D' (Vocals), Alec Surridge (Guitar), Phil Carstens (Bass & Backing Vocals) & Jason Eedes (Drums)

Photo by Devographic Music Agency

Bio | Chaos Doctrine


Chaos Doctrine brings a unique and modern metal assault by blending old school thrash and death with aggressive industrial metal. Originally formed in 2011 in Johannesburg, South Africa by vocalist Dr D (Bedlam, Malachi, DedX), the band line up is completed by veteran guitarist and band producer Alec Surridge (Sacraphyx, The Warinsane), bass guitarist, backing vocalist and band visual artist Phil Carstens (DedX), and explosive drummer Jason Eedes (Jasper Dan, Azraella’s Sorrow, Beyond the Pale & The Sinners).


For its members, Chaos Doctrine is more than a band: it is a comprehensive sensory experience and a brand. Everything the band produces conveys this – the band name itself, their aggressive sonic releases, explosive live shows, dystopic visual products, and stabbing lyrical content. Chaos Doctrine explores the shadow of the human condition, hatred, brutality, decay. Their approach is unrelenting, fueled by rage and void of apology. This is aggression, this is Chaos Doctrine!




Releases | Chaos Doctrine

Chaos Doctrine Self Titled Debut Album
Chaos Doctrine: The Chais Chronicles Vol 1
Chaos Doctrine Tribute To Slayer
Chaos Doctrine Father Grigori Engligh Version
Black Friday Bedlam feat. Jorgen Sandstr
Black Friday Bedlam Alternative Version
Chaos Doctrine - Enjoy The Silence Cover.png
Chaos Doctrine - CULT MMXXI
Chaos Doctrine - Beds Are Burning Tribute To Midnight Oil
Chaos Doctrine - And In The Beginning ... They Lied
Chaos Doctrine - Lifting The Veil
Chaos Doctrine - Martyr (Clement V Mix)
Chaos Doctrine - Martyr (Jeanne DArc Mix feat Laura Cayzer of Capgras Delusion)
Chaos Doctrine - One Of My Bad Days - Artwork By Ras Steyn
Chaos Doctrine Pink Floyd Medley.jpeg
Chaos Doctrine - Heretic.jpg
Chaos Doctrine - Bellum - Artwork 800 x 800.jpg
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