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South African Industrial Thrash Machines Chaos Doctrine is gearing up to release CULT MMXXI, a radical redux of their first single from their self-titled 2018 debut. It focuses on production elements lost in the original version, whilst introducing new orchestral arrangements to increase the complexity and punch! The track furthermore celebrates the conclusion of the band's sophomore album 'And In The Beginning ... They Lied', giving fans a taste of what's to come with their anticipated EP 'The Chaos Chronicles Volume II' (set for release mid to late 2022)

And there is even more! In the tradition of covering great classics between major releases, Chaos Doctrine will also pay tribute to the iconic Australian Rock Band MIDNIGHT OIL with a unique rendition of their 1987 cult classic BEDS ARE BURNING from DIESEL AND DUST

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Artist: Chaos Doctrine

Country: South Africa

Publisher: Independent

Genre: Industrial Thrash Metal

Performed by Chaos Doctrine

No Explicit Lyrics

CULT MMXXI (04:51)

UPC: 198002069368

ISRC: ushm92151809​


Daniel Burger 'Dr D' (Vocals), Alec Surridge (Guitar), Hannes Matthysen (Drums) & Phil Carstens (Bass & Backing Vocals)

Photo by by Amanda Kuhrau

Chaos Doctrine brings a unique and modern metal assault by blending old school thrash and death with aggressive industrial metal. Originally formed in 2011 in Johannesburg, South Africa by vocalist Dr D (Bedlam, Malachi, DedX), the band line up is completed by veteran guitarist and band producer Alec Surridge (Sacraphyx, The Warinsane), bass guitarist, backing vocalist and band visual artist Phil Carstens (DedX), and explosive drummer Hannes Matthysen (Chromium & The Drift)


For its members, Chaos Doctrine is more than a band ... it is a comprehensive sensory experience and a brand. Everything the band produces conveys this; from the band name itself, their aggressive sonic releases, explosive live shows, dystopic visual products, and stabbing lyrical content. Chaos Doctrine explores the shadow of the human condition; hatred, brutality, decay. Their approach is unrelenting, fuelled by rage and void of apology. 


This is aggression. This is Chaos Doctrine!

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