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I am ecstatic to share my new single and video called 19:20. This is a very special track to me, born of the strange times we are in, and the seemingly perpetual period Covid created (causing subsequent years to feel like one protracted trek towards normality).
I am particularly honoured to have worked with the genius of Albert Frost and Evert Snyman who produced 19:20. On the music video, I furthermore had the pleasure to work with the amazing Phillru van Achterbergh and The Content Creative, with fantastic photos from the gifted Roxanne Van Oudtshoorn.
"Kenny is a fantastic singer and he sure can play guitar" - Evert Snyman (Solo Artist as well as Ruff Majik, Pollinator, Swandy, Mad God & Bombaby)
19:20 LYRICS

Clip my wings let me start again
It might be hard but it's not the end
Meet me there won't you meet me there
The queens outside you've got to beware


Rain outside reminds me of home
Far away and all alone
A quiet place for my demons to escape
It's the only way to isolate


Test me now see if I'm clean
Or littered with sickened disease
Split my brow and break my knees
Festered dreams hang on every breeze

Blues and the open road, where inspiration and the muse may lead my passion ... lead me to you ... the world is my stage! I am Kenny Hughes, a travelling Blues musician from South Africa and I want to perform for you, so do not hesitate to get in contact for a booking
I am Kenny Hughes and I want to perform for you, so do not hesitate to get in contact for a booking
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