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THE FISMITS are an original three-piece Indie “Space” Rock band from Midrand / Centurion (South Africa) formed in mid 2016. The lineup consists of Mark Biagio (Guitar & Vocals), Nielle Enslin (Bass) and Luke Theunissen (Drums).


The band’s songs reflect the world they live in and they are not shy to sing about their roots, lives, relationships or the controversial elements of the social-and-political aspects that is everyday-life in South Africa. When playing live, THE FISMITS seek to draw the audience into their world, with an emotional and energetic performance.


Their debut EP titled ANYWHERE was released in 2017, now followed by their first full-length album BEFORE THE HINDSIGHT

The Fismits - Before The Hindsignt
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UPC 195 543 239 489
SAMRO 2323548
SAMPRA #0070477



1. Questions (5:08)
2. Would She Call Him (4:18)
3. Sane (3:53)
4. Need To Be Strong (3:46)
5. Cactus (1:36)
6. Amazing (2:40)
7. I Can't Believe (3:33)
8. One Dead Friend (2:40)
9. Preferably Men (3:08)
10. Nothing To Lose (3:29)
11. Leaving Doesn't Make Much Sense (2:50)
12. Ryder (3:39)

The first single is I CAN'T BELIEVE

ISRC ZA-3SG-17-00020


BEFORE THE HINDSIGHT was recorded in various practice rooms and studio’s between 2017 and March 2020. It is a snippet of what THE FISMITS were up to for the past 3 years. 

Guitar & Vocals Mark Biagio shares that "all but three of the tracks were recorded as pre-production ideas and were not to be taken further, as they stood. A few months back while taking stock, I actually felt that we had captured the essence of the songs and the band. So, well, why not, finish it and put it out? Manic work begun. BEFORE THE HINDSIGHT reflects about half of the material recorded in this time. The rest still needs to be finished, at some point. For now, though, this is a very accurate account of what we were up to pre 2020."

Questions, details a person observing a close friend struggling with alcohol addiction. 

Would She Call Him, has been around in many shapes and forms for a number of years. I finally “found the song” again by removing all the rubbish I had put in there and there it was - go figure. The song recounts how two people met.

Sane, originally performed by my first band The Mind Theatre and written by Bruce Barrett. To quote Bruce in 1995 “it's about driving 500km to tell your parents they are now grand parents”.

Need To Be Strong, a dark song about two people struggling through situations.

Cactus, is a cover of a track from that awesome band Pixies.

Amazing, is about young kids and their raw talent, energy & enthusiasm for anything … and bubble gum.

I Cant Believe, started in one direction and landed up being completely different to what it was supposed to be. I just followed the song, as Neil Young would say.

One Dead Friend, was written many moons back. In 2012 I found the demo and decided to revise it and give it a new set of lyrics. We were deep into the “Z” years.

Preferably Men, was written 20 years ago after my then to-be-wife wife suggested I read an Afrikaans book, called “Griet Skryf 'n Sprokie” (Griet writes a tale). It's all in there!

Nothing To Loose, is another punk, social, political song about the stupidity and life threatening situations we constantly find ourselves in.

Leaving Doesn’t Make Much Sense, is about a very close friend who committed suicide many years ago. 

Ryder, is a sad story of loss for reasons we don’t understand. 

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Mark Biagio, Nielle Enslin & Luke Theunissen

Photos By Melissa Kruger & Moon Over Aquarius


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